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Ahmed Mohamed – The small Genius


The day started with a terrible shock for the 14 year old boy Ahmed Mohamed in Texas High school. But what he did to deserve such shocking morning! Well, he made a “clock“!

At the start of the very week he brought a clock at his school and presented it to everyone proudly by saying he made it. But he also didn’t think that this would be so bad. After presenting it proudly he has been initially arrested by the police and also convicted by a false accusation that it was a “hoax bomb”.

But this didn’t dominate his name or his persona being shined as the social media filled with the boy’s amazing work and bad judgement of the people. Even president Obama invited him over the white house and the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has invited him to the company’s headquarters for a visit. The Twitter and Reddit’s leader offered him internship. Reportedly, Google executives has reserved a spot for Ahmed at their weekend science fair and MIT has offered him to visit the campus. The Facebook creator has admitted at social media platform that “The future belongs to people like Ahmed.” And they should be applauded not arrested.

By Thursday more details about the innocent child’s arrest came onto light, as being interviewed he said that he was being pulled out of the class at MacArthur High School by his principal and 5 other police officer and forced to answer questions for about 1 and a half hour. The 14 year old innocent boy has reportedly asked the adults if he can call his parents but shut downed couple of times saying that he is in a middle of interrogation.

He also admitted that it was just a clock but the authorized people has been on their way to continuously demoralize the boy asking the same question, “Is it a bomb?” Reportedly the child has admitted that he has been called as a “Bomb Maker” & “Terrorist” several times before at the school and also several times at the interrogation room. Even the Authorized people has made fun of his race and he has been tortured for his race several times before.

The 14 year old boy isn’t going to study further at the MacArthur High School, as this kind of insult will remain for the rest of his life. But the family of the child is relieved by the positive reactions of the president and the other big personas. His father  Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, has said that he believes that his son has been targeted because of the skin color and the religion. He was also very furious that the school authority has not called him when his child got arrested. Reportedly Mohamed rushed to see his son later and found out his son being handcuffed and surrounded by five police officer, later the school suspended Ahmed for three days. At first, the days were hard for Ahmed but later he rose up by seeing the support he has received by all the people from all over the world.

Every coin has two sides, On one hand, the world is supporting Ahmed by all it means. But on the other hand, The mayor herself is defending the school and local police. According to her she doesn’t blame them for look into something they thought potential threat.

Whatever the thought may be, the child has been harassed and embarrassed in front of his school pointlessly. Racism has been pointed out clearly by the authorized people. The question again arises, “if a boy is Muslim, doesn’t he have the authority to even make a clock?


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