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Alipurduar, situated on the banks of Kaljini river works as a gateway to Bhutan and North Eastern States of India. The name of Alipurduar derives from the late Colonel Hedayat Ali Khan who was stationed as the first extra assistant commissioner. Alipurduar is also one of the most important trading centre in the easternmost area of West Bengal and is also home to the trading route commonly known as the Silk Road, which connects the trade routes of India with those of Bhutan and Tibet.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Alipurduar is a host to a big railway colony which is also a division headquarters of North East Frontier Railways. It is an extremely important junction connecting Kolkata, New Delhi and Guwahati simultaneously in the south, north and east.
  2. By Air: The main Bagdogra Airport is situated at about 148 km. distance from the main town and is the only one in this region. This airport is connects Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chennai, Mumbai, Kathmandu, and many other places. Also situated at a distance of 296 km. from the town is the Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi international airport.
  3. By Bus: In Alipurduar, the NBSTC bus depot and the Private Bus Terminus are two of the ,ain bus stops in town. Many govt. and private buses are available from here. Buses to Siliguri, Coochbehar, Jaigaon and Assam are available here. Private safaris to Coochbehar and Falakata are also available from the Safari Stand near Alipurduar fire station.

Things to see and do in Alipurduar

While the town of Alipurduar does not offer much to the tourists, it is slowly gaining prominence among tourists due to its advantageous location. The surrounding area of Alipurduar also offer fantastic travel attractions and the surrounding dense forests and hills complete the beautiful natural landscape of the town. Some of the common visitor’s attractions in Alipurduar are:

Buxa Tiger Reserve: The Buxa tiger reserve or BTR is one of the most famous forest in the entire India due to its enormous natural resources and rare and beautiful fauna and flora. It is classified as an IUCN – II category national park. This forest is also house to the almost extinct Royal Bengal Tigers. The Buxa Tiger Reserve is situated at just 12 km distance from the main Alipurduar town of Rajabhatkhawa.

Visit Buxa Fort: The tourists, after visiting the Buxa Tiger Reserve can visit the Buxa fort from within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The Buxa Fort was built by the British Raj at the height of their power on their colony India. It is a marvellous site to see.

Visit Jayanti: The tourists can also go to Jayanti hill range from within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. The Jayanti Hills offer spectacular views of the surrounding forests and plains and is a thing to be seen. It especially offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views from the main range.

Jaldapara National Park: The Jaldapara National Park or Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary is a national park classified as a Habitat Management Area Category IV. It is home to the largest population of the almost extinct one horned rhinoceros. It is situated at the foothills of Eastern Himalayas on the bank of the famous Torsa River.

Chilapata Forests: The Chilapata forests is also one of the famous tourist destinations in Alipurduar. It is situated at a distance of 20km from Alipurduar town. It is a famous for housing many leopards. It also forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara and the Buxa Tiger Reserve.

Picnic to Bhutanghat: Bhutanghat is a very popular picnic spot situated within the Buxa Tiger Reserve. It also offers great views of the surrounding forests.

Trekking to Sinchula: The tourist can also trek towards Sinchula. The Chotta Sinchula, which is also the highest peak of Jalpaiguri can be visited from here. The Chotta Sinchula offers stunning views of the surrounding flora and fauna.

Trekking to Jayanti Mahakal: The Jayanti Mahakal trek is a very popular trekking route leading to a cave near the Bhutan border. This trek is especially popular among the pilgrims who visit the cave in order to offer prayer to the deity.

Accommodations in Alipurduar

Several medium and highly priced hotels with several amenities such as television, hot water, room service etc. are available in Alipurduar.


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