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Amir Khan Cried AGAIN!


Amir Khan is been trending all over this week, neither because of any film that he is being doing nor because of his appearance in Dangal(well, A li’l bit!). But he is been news again for his emotional side. Social media has gone crazy on his crying after “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, but now he has cried once again after watching Nikhil Advani’s “Katti Batti”, but here Mr. Perfectionist has reportedly said the reason affirmatively behind his crying.

Though has been joked many times for his crying, he has been replied affirmatively that he is not afraid to show his emotional side. He also added that he really enjoyed all of the jokes and some of them were really funny. The perfectionist enjoyed all the attention to him. Mr. Perfectionist has been sighted with Big brown towel in his hand after the screening of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, and has reportedly admitted that at the beginning of the film he has nothing with him but at the interval he got really emotional, and asked his boy to get him something, then he got the towel. Though being 50 year old he is not ashamed of his emotional side being photograph as he told that he is a highly emotional person and is not afraid to show it.

The climax of “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” has put many into the position of crying but what is more surprising is that what made him cry at his nephew’s film! Well Amir answered it also. Reportedly, he said that the love story of “Katti Batti” reminded him of his own life. The belief upon love and the extent that people go for that believe is astonishing to him. And also that is the very reason he cried.

However he didn’t revealed which part of the life he has been referring to, and interrupted the media to go at the past over his personal life. The “PK” star also admitted that he is been looking forward to watch Salman Starer “Sultan” which is reportedly a wrestling film, like “Dangal”. He also did not left the King Khan behind as when being asked about the interest in Three khan starer film, he told the media that if the script would be good enough, he would love to work on that.

The emotional star has been top on the news portals and social media for this act of his crying but the fans are waiting for his movie “Dangal”, as he put some weight for the character in the movie & of course for the fact that he undoubtedly  is  the box office record setter.


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