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Bindu Dooars Tour


A lesser known tourist destination on the lower Kalimpong foothills alongside the India-Bhutan border at an altitude of almost 600 meters or 2000 feet is the picturesque location of Bindu. While famous for its cardamom plantations, Bindu has also gotten popular due to its picturesque location and its scenic routes among the high mountains. Bindu is also home to the Jaldhaka dam which is one of the oldest hydroelectric collaboration between the countries India and Bhutan.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: First of all, the tourist has to come to the New Jalpaiguri Station in Siliguri. From Siliguri, it’s a three to four hour journey to Bindu via buses or taxis.
  2. By Air: The main Bagdogra Airport is situated at Siliguri and is the only airport available. The tourist has to come to Siliguri first and from here catch a bus or taxi to Bindu.
  3. By Bus: From Siliguri, buses and taxis are available to Bindu. The road to Bindu takes the tourist through beautiful teagardens, lush forests, rivers and villages. It is a picturesque road which makes for a memorable journey to Bindu.

Things to see and do in Bindu

Bindu is surrounded by beautiful tea gardens and picturesque mountain roads. It is also home to the largest cardamom plantations and is a great place to visit. Incidentally, Bindu falls among the main road to Gorumara natural forests and as such, any visit to Bindu remains incomplete without visiting Gorumara at least once.

Godak Village: Godak village is located at a distance of half an hours walk from Bindu. Godak village has become popular for its vast cardamom plantations and the genuine hospitality of the local villagers. It is also a peaceful and tranquil place to be in and must be visited during the stay in Bindu.

Todey-Tangata Village: The Todey-Tangata village is popular tourist destination for its vast orange plantations. The Todey-Tangata village is also a part of the Tamang Community and it also has some cardamom plantations here too.

Paren: Paren is a very small village. While nothing remarkable in itself, Paren is famous for the vast panoramic views that it offers to the tourists. It’s surrounding teagardens, orange plantations and cardamom plantations make for a beautiful and picturesque scenery indeed.

Jhalong: Jhalong is situated at a 10 km distance from Bindu and is the gateway to the Rongo forests. The Rongo forest is also a great place to feel the calm and serene nature at it’s best.

Jaldhaka Hydroelectric Project: The Jaldhaka hydroelectric project is the oldest collaboration between the governments of Bhutan and India. The Jaldhaka dam is situated at the meeting point of three streams named Dudh khola, Bindu khola and Jaldhaka. Substantial electricity is produced by the Jaldhaka hydroelectric project. While the tourists are not allowed at the dam site itself due to security concerns, the tourists are allowed to see it from a distance and many tourists flock every day to see just that.

Visit Gorumara Natural Forests: Gorumara is the main tourism hub of the entire Dooars region. Gorumara is situated at a distance of only 45-55 km from Bindu and several safaris to the Gorumara forest are held either in the morning or in the afternoon. A visit to Gorumara is a must while visiting Bindu.

Accommodations in Bindu

There are several accommodations in Bindu with modern day amenities are available in Bindu. Hot water, satellite television, Wi-Fi are available in the hotels here with some of them offering several types of liquor too.


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