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Chilapata Forest Tour


Chilapata forest, a dense natural forest is situated near Jaldapara in the Dooars region of West Bengal. Chilapata is situated at just a distance of 20km from the nearest town of Alipurduar and is situated within the Jalpaiguri district. Just beside Chilapata, the town of Hashimara is situated which hosts a Indian air force base. Also the India Bhutan border towns Jaigaon and Phuntsholing are also situated near Chilapata forests.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: The nearest railways station near Chilapata is situated in the town of Hashimara. On the other hand, tourists may also come to the town of Alipurduar or disembark in the New Jalpaiguri Railway station and take bus rides from there.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport. From Bagdogra, Chilapata is about 160 km distant. From here the tourist may choose to go to NJP railway station and travel up to Alipurduar or the tourist may take a trip to Chilapata as described below.
  3. By Bus: Dooars is criss crossed by the National Highways and the town of Hashimara is located just on the highway. From the town of Hasimara, the road to Chilapata is an easy road towards the south. Another passing route through the southern part of Dooars goes to Coochbehar and Alipurduar from Jalpaiguri. From here, the Chilapata forest is reached by going towards the north via Mathura tea estate.

Things to see and do in Chilapata

The Torsa river flowing through the hills into the plains of Dooars, divides the huge forests of Dooars into two parts, Jaldapara and Chilapata. Jaldapara is popular for being the home of the great one horned rhino and elephants. Chilapata is also popular because there are many species of animals available in tis forest too including one horned rhinos. It is also a popular birding spots as many species of migratory birds often come here.

Take a forest Safari: Several forest safaris are available in Chilapata, such safaris would take the tourist through the rough terrain and the dense forests. Sightings of animals is very common in such safaris. Sighting of elephants near the Kodalbasty village is very regular and one of the attractions. Also, the sightings of several different species of animals such as the great indian bison, rhinos, deers are a common occurrence.

Visit the watchtower in Mendabari Village: In the Mendabari village, there is a huge watchtower erected for the sighting of animals. Seeing several different species of animals are a common occurrence from the huge distance covered by the watchtower.

Visit the Nalrajar Fort: Another common attractions in the Chilapata forests is the fort created by the Nal kings also known as Nalrajar Fort or Nalrajar Garh. This fort was created in the golden ages of India and carries a huge significance in case of archaeological importance. Wildlife sightings near Nalrajar Fort is very frequent and common.

Visit the town of Hashimara: Hashimara is the nearest town from Chilapata and has several places of its own where the tourist can visit. Also, Hashimara has several picnic spots available too for the tourists.

Visit the border town of Phuntsholing: Phuntsholing is the border town of Bhutan and is situated near Chilapata forests. Phuntsholing has several fantastic visiting locations and it is recommended to visit Phuntsholing at least once during your stay in Chilapata.

Visit the Buxa Tiger Reserve: The Buxa tiger reserve is situated near Chilapata and is a recommended place to visit. Buxa tiger reserve holds a big population of Royal Bengal Tigers.

Accommodations in Chilapata

Several deluxe hotels, small and large lodges, and eco-friendly lodges are available in Chilapata. All of these offer several basic amenities to the tourists such as satellite television and room services etc.


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