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This Sunday will be remembered just not as a holiday but it will be remembered as the day when technology has tied hands up with authentic India. Prime Minister Modi is on his legendary journey to meet the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. And in here a third of the world’s population will be represented at the social networking jinnee’s swift new headquarters in Menlo Park. This also brings up the question, “how is it helpful for them and us?” The answer is pretty simple.

Facebook has been in top of every social networking pyramid, this has given Mark a lot of potential to grow and make a business of lifetime. But one sad thing about being in top is that there could be a fall anytime. So, taking small but efficient steps is necessary for that. Mark is doing the same. India is the second largest market for Facebook and is very important for the growth of Facebook. It already made an impact  upon 150 million users in India but the number should not be stopped. As per logic and mobile phone’s market, it could make tripple of the current user in the upcoming years.

That’s for Facebook. But whats in there for our beloved PM. Narendra Modi has took social media as the medium of connecting with the Indian public since a long time back(reportedly before election). He uses Twitter and Facebook as the connectivity path to meet and follow up the condition of his/our country.

There are plenty other plans which are been reportedly heard about FACEBOOK and INDIA, so basically the change is being driven by the Modernism as the Prime Minister is taking vast step to connect Indian People. “How this change will work?”, well that we have to wait and see.


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