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Google is grabbing WhatsApp market with Allo


 A lightweight chatting app Google Allo with all similar feature like our so called WhatsApp.

Google Allo, a smart messaging app that helps you say more and do more. Express yourself better with stickers, doodles, and HUGE emojis & text. Allo also brings you the Google Assistant, preview edition.

8 reasons why we should use Allo instead of WhatsApp

WhatsApp don’t allow to delete msg from receiver, Allo does. Delete msg the same will be deleted from the receiver as well.

It takes 356MB RAM approx. Allo only with 132MB

It doesn’t have user’s Personal Assistant, Allo it has all.

It reduce photo quality, Allo Doesn’t.

WhatsApp don’t have stickers, Allo has plenty of them

WhatsApp don’t have text size option, Allo allows you to do.

WhatsApp doesn’t allow to edit photo, Allow allows to apply your choice.

Chat privately with Allo in incognito mode. Set expiry time for messages.

In Allo Respond without typing, in your style.

Smart Reply lets you keep the conversation moving with a single tap by suggesting text and emoji responses based on your personality. For example, it learns if you’re more of a “haha” or “lol” person so the more you use Google Allo, the more “you” the suggestions become.

WhatsApp is now started sharing account information with Facebook. Who knows when it starts sharing other data… We all know why we use WhatsApp.

Make a smarter move, Say Allo.

Source : www.allo.google.com


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