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Husband Ate Wife’s Nose in Anger


In this world everything is possible, yes! After reading this article this mindset and the sentence would be clear to all. A ferocious incident has took place in China, where reportedly a man has bitten his wife’s nose off & ate, for not picking up his calls. Literally ate the Nose!

The couple living at a city called Dezhou in China, are both reportedly divorcee and had a turbulent married life. They had conceived a child right after they got married, and the husband has two adult children from his previous marriage. Ms Yang has reportedly said that her husband’s dominant nature got out after their own child was born. Even he demanded to his wife to sell their child, so that, she could take care of his grandchildren. After this vicious demand Ms. Yang got separated from her husband but he used to call her few times a day.

Unfortunately one day, allegedly got into a fight after the women did not answer the husband’s calls from 2 a.m due to the late work shift that she had gotten herself into at Shandong province.

Reportedly her husband intoxicated with anger, apparently went to her workplace the following day, and attacked her mercilessly and bitten, swallowed the nose from her face. The woman named Yang, told the Shangdong Television station “And the next thing I knew, he pushed my head towards the way and ate my nose in one go.”

The doctors have said that the damage to Yang’s nose is so crucial that she will require comprehensive surgery. Most of her nose, including the nasal septum, soft triangle and nose tip, were eaten ruthlessly by her man. Surgeons believe that it will take three months to cosmetically reconstruct the whole nose.

So, as said in the beginning, everything is possible in this world. If in anger a man can eat his wife’s nose off, then yes! Possibilities are endless.


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