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Near the Bengal-Bhutan border, Jaigaon situated in West Bengal is a small town in Alipurduar district near the Bhutan border. Jaigaon is the gateway to Bhutan-Phuntsholing and is a trade hub between these two countries. Many Bhutanese citizens come to Jaigaon every week and in every month in order to buy their rations and thus this is the capital source of income for the vast majority of the citizens of Jaigaon.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: First of all, the tourist has to come to the New Jalpaiguri Station in Siliguri. From Siliguri, several buses and autos are available that will take the tourist to Jaigaon. From Siliguri, the road to Jaigaon is 165 km distant. On the other hand, the tourist can come to Alipurduar first and from Alipurduar take a bus or taxi to Jaigaon. From Alipurduar, Jaigaon is only 65 km distant.
  2. By Air: The main Bagdogra Airport is situated at Siliguri and is the only airport available. The tourist has to come to Siliguri first and from here catch a bus to Jaigaon or the tourist can catch a bus to Alipurduar and from Alipurduar, catch a bus to Jaigaon.
  3. By Bus: From Siliguri, very frequent buses coming here are available. Also, buses from Phuntsholing and Hashimara travel through Jaigaon. You can also reach here from Thimpu located behind Bhutan border.

Things to see and do in Jaigaon

Jaigaon is the main entrance to Bhutan. As Bhutan is located in the Himalayan Kingdom, so it does not have roads in many of its towns. For this reason, Bhutan uses many Indian roads in order to connect many of its towns. Also, many goods of Bhutan come to Kolkata port or in Bagdogra airport. From here, the goods are brought to Bhutan through Jaigaon.

Visit the Bhutan Forest: Visitors coming to Jaigaon must visit the Bhutan forest at least once. This forest is filled with rare flora and fauna and as such is a great place to get lost in nature. Especially of interest are the different wildlife animals available here, such as the one horned rhinoceroses and the great elephants.

Visit the nearest town of Hashimara: Hashimara is situated on the banks of the Torsa and Basra River. Hashimara has two picnic spots in the Torsa and Basra banks and a local crematorium that can be visited. From Jaigaon, frequent buses to and from Hashimara are available and as such the tourist can visit Hashimara any day.

Visit the Bhutanese town of Phuntsholing: The Bhutanese town of Phuntsholing is situated just beside Jaigaon. As such the tourist must visit Phuntsholing while staying at Jaigaon. Before going to Phuntsholing, do make sure that all the documents are in order Especially for Indian citizens, they must show a proof of identity on the India Bhutan border such as an Aadhar Card and a Voter Card. For foreign citizens, they must show their passports and visas as a proof of identity.

Eat and Drink in Jaigaon: There are several liquor stores and restaurants available in Jaigaon that serve food and drinks to the visitors. Especially in Phuntsholing, there are several liquor stores available with a wide selection of alcohols and spirits.

Visit Alipurduar: Alipurduar situated at just 60 km from Jaigaon is a must visit as there are many forests and great visiting places in Alipurduar. Frequent buses to Alipurduar are available at Jaigaon every day.

Accommodations in Jaigaon

There are several accommodations in Jaigaon available, mainly hotels with many modern amenities such as hot water, satellite television, Wi-Fi are available here.


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