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Jaldhaka Tour


Jaldhaka, situated at an altitude of almost fifteen hundred feet above the level of the sea is a popular tourist destination in Dooars region. The valley is situated near the Kalimpong subdivision and is separated from the Darjeeling district by a mountain range descending from the Neora valley national park and is also separated from the neighbouring country of Bhutan by the sprawling Jaldhaka river.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Situated at a distance of just 92 km is the North Bengal’s most important railway station, the New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri. Most of the tourists can disembark at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and take a bus from here to Jaldhaka.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport situated at a distance of about 110 km. This airport is connected throughout the entire country and internationally as well. Several buses are available from the airport to Jaldhaka.
  3. By Bus: Siliguri is the major city in the entire North Bengal and as such it has several buses available that will take a tourist to Jaldhaka. The buses from Siliguri go through the National Highway 31 which takes the tourist to the Khunia crossing from where the northern road takes the tourist directly to Jaldhaka.

Things to see and do in Jaldhaka

The Jaldhaka river valley is not actually a single destination but in reality it consists of many small villages which make for interesting destinations for the tourists. While Jaldhaka in itself is a secluded location, it is popular as an offbeat tourist location. Jaldhaka is also famous for the Jaldhaka river which originates in the East Sikkim area. The river flows through Bhutan and then enters the Bengal-Bhutan border and passes through here.

Visit the Jaldhaka Dam: The Jaldhaka river was dammed at Bindu to produce electricity. The dam site is a major tourist attraction.

Visit the Jaldhaka River: The Jaldhaka river is a popular tourist destination and has its origin in Sikkim. The river passes through the valley here and makes for a popular tourist destination as a picnic site.

Visit Bindu: Bindu is a small village of the Dooars area and is a popular tourist destination for the friendly people and the sights here. Bindu is also where the Jaldhaka dam is erected and thus is a recommended place to visit.

Visit the Rongo forest: The Rongo forest is a dense forest and while not on the same valley as JAldhaka, it is situated in the nearby hills and form the same tourist circuit as the Jaldhaka valley. The Rongo forest also has many wildlife and rare floras and faunas to offer to the prospective tourists. And is a tourist favourite too.

Visit the Gorumara National Park: The Gorumara National park is situated at a distance of only 30km from the valley. As such it is a highly recommended place to visit. In the entirety of North Bengal, the Gorumara national park is the most important and popular tourist destination. The forest is spread over approximately 80 square kilometres and due to its varied wildlife and rich flora and fauna, it is the most important tourist destination here. Also, Gorumara is famous for being the sanctuary for the now extinct one horned rhino.

Accommodations in Jaldhaka

Several accommodations are available in Jaldhaka including high and medium priced hotels and restaurants. Several of the tourist accommodations here are basic and provide the bare minimum to the tourists.


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