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Jagmohan Dalmiya had been a Cricket Administrator since 1979 worked his way from the CAB(Cricket Association of Bengal) to president of the ICC and became head of BCCI twice. He is credited for being one of the two BCCI officials responsible for India’s growth in the World Cricket. And has been respected all over the world for his ability to enlarge the breadth of his relationships. But, sadly this great man has been passed away on Sunday night at the BM Birla Hospital in Kolkata.

He had been admitted after encountering a heart attack on Thursday and also was concerned about his health since MARCH(Starting his second term as a president). Dalmiya was admitted due to chest pain and had on his way to have an angiography. He was stable at the begining but reportedly remained in critical care for the next two days. The hospital reportedly said that his condition become worse at Sunday morning and he died at 8:45 p.m. Reportedly he will be taken to CAB headquarters at Eden Gardens today for the public to pay their respect.

Anurag Thakur, the BCCI secretary has been told that Mr. Dalmiya’s vision has helped and flourished Indian cricket to it’s highest extent, and he will be missed very dearly. His efforts will be remembered for generations to come and his contribution to Indian cricket will be remained unparalleled. 

Mr. Dalmiya’s life was a roller-coaster itself and has been started his career in construction business which was at first his father’s. He was 20 years old then, but later in the year 1979 he has joined the BCCI. Along with the great names of BCCI like NKP Salve and IS Bindra, Dalmiya was the main power behind bringing the World Cup to India and Pakistan, 1987, and it was also the first time that the tournament was staged outside England. It was also the first time when INDIAN CRICKET TELECAST has been sold to private television channels.

After the 1996 World cup, Dalmiya has been elected ICC president in 1997 and was on the throne till 2000. After that he was elected BCCI president for the first time in 2001. In an acrimonious BCCI election in 2004, Dalmiya’s casting vote helped candidate Ranbir Singh Mahendra to get elected as president. But after a year, Dalmiya was beaten in BCCI election for the first time in over two decades, by Sharad Pawar. His opponents suffered him by banning him from BCCI meetings, also an FIR was lodged against him. But Dalmiya rose back after winning CAB presidential elections in July,2006.

Five months later BCCI expelled him on charges of misappropriating funds from ’96 World-Cup, and forced to step down as CAB Chief. After a long war against the charges he was allowed to contest the CAB elections again and as usual he won presidency in 2008. For the next five years he stayed in-charge of the CAB but his authority over BCCI has been diminished. In 2013, when N Srinivasan got out temporarily from his duties as BCCI president, the board turned to Dalmiya to run its affairs in the interim.

After that, Dalmiya was undisputedly elected the BCCI president for a second term in March 2015. His health was a reason of concern by that time, though, and he assisted at several board meetings. The last BCCI meeting that Dalmiya attended was a working committee meeting in Kolkata on August 28.

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