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Lolegaon is a place of serene wilderness amidst the towering cypress trees at an altitude of almost 1850 meters. Glittering dawn, sensational sunrise and sunset all work together to leave you spellbound.

The once a small village known as Kafer, it came into prominence as the West Bengal Forest Department opened a tent accommodation and a tourist bungalow in 1990. Soon enough the small village was bustling with tourists from all places who wanted to take the road less taken.

Now Lolegaon has many tourist accommodations and hotels for tourists to stay. Admittedly, some of the accommodations may not be on par with the huge hotels in other places but the ones that are here are great by their own right.

Getting Here

To get here, you can take one of the following alternatives given below:

  1. By Train: The NJP Railway Station in Siliguri connects the city to several cities across India. If you are journeying from Kolkata, then get in the Darjeeling mail which arrives at 10:00 pm in Kolkata. Once you reach NJP Station, take a taxi ride to Lolegaon (123 km) as described below.
  2. By Jeep/Taxi: Get in a taxi going towards Darjeeling. At Darjeeling, change taxis and get a jeep going towards Kalimpong. Kalimpong is just 55 km from Lolegaon and once you reach Kalimpong, you can catch a taxi going directly to Lolegaon.
  3. By Plane: Bagdogra airport located at Siliguri is has several planes available offered by many airlines. Some of them are:

Air India and Jet Airways has flights from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata to Bagdogra available, Go Air has daily flights to and from Delhi and Spice Jet operates flights from Kolkata and Delhi.

Once you reach Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi ride as described above.

Things to See in Lolegaon:

Seeing the Sunrise/Sunset from Jhandidara: Viewing the sunrise from Jhandidara is perhaps the most cherished memory that you can have. This wooded hilltop with glittering sunrise on Kanchanjunga where the highest peak in the world is being touched by its first sun rays is a sight that has to be seen to be experienced.

In the evening the sunsets are no less spectacular. Each sunset with the sun going behind the mountains will leave you with a smile on your face as you experience the natural beauty.

The Heritage Forest: The Heritage forest with its age old pine, cypress and oak trees is a great place to watch out for the many endangered species of Himalayan animals. Near extinct species like black bear and wild mountain goats can be occasionally seen here.

Things to do in Lolegaon:

Take the Canopy Walk: In the Heritage forest, amidst age old pine, cypress and oak trees is a hanging foot bridge. As it is over the canopy of the trees, it is known as the canopy walk. The canopy walk makes for a rich and unforgettable experience with you going in the midst of all the trees in a hanging bridge with the silence of the jungle surrounding you.

Go Trekking: To know the lives of people in the country side, the short trips offered by Lolegaon to remote Kalimpong hills are a real treat. You can go for a day trek to the Samthar or Relly regions in the lower Himalayas region.

Sit in Campfire: Almost all the hotels light campfires in the night. Siting with your friends and families beside the campfire in Lolegaon is an experience not to be forgotten.

Accommodations in Lolegaon

Many cottages and small hotels are available as accommodations in Lolegaon.


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