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Before India gained her independence from the British, Malbazar was a small place known for the British tea plantations here. After independence, several people from all around Bengal arrived here and settled here and cut down acres of forests in the process. Later in the same time period Dr. Narayan Chandra Banerjee came to Malbazar as a medical officer and helped the refugees settle in an organized fashion here. Due to his efforts and social work the Adarsha Vidya Bhawan and Subhashini Valika Vidyalaya was set up for educating boys and girls. Now, Malbazar is one of the most important towns in the entire Dooars region. While not being rich with many picturesque locations in itself, Malbazar serves as the junction point for many of the important areas of the Eastern Dooars region such as the Gorumara National Park, Bindu, and Jhalong etc.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Situated at a distance of just 55 km is the North Bengal’s most important railway station, the New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri. Most of the tourists can disembark at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and take a bus from here to Malbazar. On the other hand, there are local trains available that will take the tourist to Malbazar directly but however they are a bit sparse in availability.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport situated at a distance of about 65 km. This airport is connected throughout the entire country and internationally as well. Several buses are available from the airport to Malbazar.
  3. By Bus: Siliguri is the major city in the entire North Bengal and as such it has several buses available that will take a tourist to Malbazar.

Things to see and do in Malbazar

Malbazar is strategically located in the Dooars region and acts as a junction point for the most important tourist destinations all around it. Malbazar is also well connected with the nearby towns of Siliguri and Jalpaiguri with road making them accessible to the tourist as well. Due to its recent importance as a tourist destination, many new large and medium scale hotels and restaurants are opening in Malbazar now.

Visit the Mal Park: The Mal park is a renowned tourist destination. It is a large park situated in Malbazar filled with flowers and trees and is also popular as a picnic destination. The relative calm and serene atmosphere makes for a great location here.

Visit the tea gardens: There are several tea gardens surrounding Malbazar area and most of them have been around from the British area. The tea gardens are a picturesque location for the tourists and is a great place to pass some time. Also, tourists may experience first-hand how the tea leaves are plucked from the tea plants and then processed into tea itself.

Visit the Balaji Mandir: The Balaji Mandir is the most popular shrine of the Malbazar area and is situated at Satta Narayan Road in Malbazar. Several devotees come every day to offer their respects to the lord Balaji.

Visit the Buddhist Temple: The Buddhist temple is another popular shrine in the Malbazar area. This is where the Buddhist population of Malbazar come to offer their prayers to the Lord Buddha. This is also a very picturesque location and ideal for clicking nice photos.

Visit Siliguri Town: Siliguri town is the most important town in entire north Bengal. Siliguri is connected with Malbazar through roads and trains. Siliguri has many locations of its own to visit and it is recommended that the travellers coming to Malbazar also visit Siliguri at least once.

Accommodations in Malbazar

There are several private, and government tourist lodges in Malbazar. Most of them offer several amenities to the tourists such as a room service, hot water, satellite television etc.


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