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Microsoft Office 2016 is Coming


Microsoft office’s latest version of Office 2016 is on a run. It has many features apart from creating a ppt file or a doc file. It has filled with loads of amazing tricks and feature that are made for people to play with in more. It is not just a tool to create and manipulate documents any more but it has become a weapon to do  loads of things. It automatically filters important and unimportant mails, connects to social media accounts to help plan the weekend, help to updates the activities also. For the users who uses office package for their business purpose, it works like a treat for them. Below are the few features that is unique about Office 2016 :


  1. Microsoft has made cloud document collaboration possible. Now, you and a friend can edit a Microsoft Word document simultaneously without having to save and share the document via email. Unfortunately, not all of our friends are tech-oriented, and sometimes you just need to call them and made them understand some things. With the help of Office 2016 user can make a Skype call from within Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. This means you’ll never have to launch a second application to begin your video call. You can simply press a button, select a chat partner and start chatting.


  1. We all know how we can look up words in Microsoft Office to find out whether we’re spelling them correctly? Now a new feature called Smart Lookup can be used in Office 2016 to find information on almost anything on the web. By simply highlighting a word or phrase, right-clicking it and by selecting Smart Lookup. A sidebar will open with search results that fit the criteria. As Apple has a similar feature in El Capitan, so, this isn’t revolutionary. But, this a useful tool, especially for people who create tons of content and don’t have time to open and close separate apps for everything.


  1. Wunderlist is a new app which allows user to create interactive to-do lists that can be shared with family, friends and co-workers.  Wunderlist sends reminders, allows user to comment on other people’s tasks and set due dates, just in case user need to micromanage your pals.  Technically, Wunderlist was created in 2009, but Microsoft acquired the company in June and added it to Office 2016.


  1. A similar, though unique, feature exists for enterprise Office users. “Planner” allows managers to create a dashboard for group tasks. Managers can assign projects, track progress and rearrange responsibilities directly from the dashboard. Instead of boss sending a group email telling everyone what their new assignments are, boss can simply drag and drop a responsibility from column to colleagues. The best part is, whenever a change been made, user gets notifications, so they don’t have to wait and watch the dashboard whole day.


  1. “Sunrise calendar” is a feature that interconnects with every social media to other calendars on one go, so, whether user have a party to attend or an event of office. The calendar will let him stay updated.

 That’s all for now, but there could be much more features available which haven’t revealed yet. So just sit back and wait.


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