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Murti is a picturesque location in the foothills of the Dooars region. The place derives its name from the river flowing through it with the same name. The Murti river flows down from the hills of Kalimpong and flows through the town of Murti. Murti while not a conventional tourist location, is famous for being beside the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gorumara National Park. For this reason, many of the tourists staying at Murti also visit these locations during their stay.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Situated at a distance of just 80 km is the North Bengal’s most important railway station, the New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri. Most of the tourists can disembark at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and take a bus from here to Chalsa and from Chalsa to Murti as described below. On the other hand the tourist may come to the Chalsa railway station directly and take a bus from Chalsa to Murti. However, trains arriving to Chalsa are pretty scarce and so coming to New Jalpaiguri Station is recommended.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport situated at a distance of about 90 km. This airport is connected throughout the entire country and internationally as well. Several buses are available from the airport to Chalsa and from Chalsa to Murti.
  3. By Bus: Siliguri is the major city in the entire North Bengal and as such it has several buses available that will take a tourist to Murti. The buses from Siliguri go through the National Highway 31 which takes the tourist to Chalsa. From Chalsa to Murti is a direct road. The total distance between Murti and Siliguri is about eighty kilometres.

Things to see and do in Murti

Murti situated in the woodlands of Dooars region is an extremely beautiful place. The sprawling Murti river makes this place even more attractive to the tourists. Bathing in the Murti River is an experience that would last for a lifetime. While the water of Murti flows with a deep current, the water level is just below chest level making it very safe. Also of note is that there are great places that the tourist can visit during their stay at Murti. Places such as Bindu, Jhalong, Jaldhaka, Samsing etc. are close to Murti town and make for excellent visiting places. Also due to the relative closeness of the Gorumara National Park it is extremely recommended for the tourists to visit the National Park during their stay at Murti.

Visit the Panijhora River: Situated at a short distance away from the Murti river another river, the Panijhora river is situated. It is a great place to visit and many birds come here to each season during the winter.

Go picnicking in Panijhora Banks: The Panijhora river banks is also famous as a picnic sot. Every year several people visit the banks of the Panijhora river during the winter to enjoy the cold season by picnicking in the banks of the Panijhora river.

Visit the Murti River: The Murti river is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Murti town. In the Murti river, several different fishes and gharials are visible. The banks of the Murti river is also a peaceful and tranquil place where the tourist can attain peace of mind. Also dipping in the Murti river is a very popular pastime among tourists. It is an unforgettable experience.

Visit Gorumara National Park: The Gorumara National Park is situated close to Murti and is a recommended place for the tourists to visit. The National Park contains several species of wild animals and near extinct species of mammals and reptiles. Gorumara National park is especially famous for housing the near extinct one horned rhinos and elephants.

Accommodations in Murti

Several private and governmental lodges and bungalows are available in Murti. All of these come with the basic amenities such as room service, hot waters etc.


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