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Neora Valley National Park Tour


Spread over an area of 88 square kilometres, the Neora Valley National Park is famous for its sprawling forests and unique bio diversity. The Neora valley national park is also situated over the oldest reserve forest of India. The national park is bounded in north by the Sikkim forests and contains many species of rare flora and fauna. Also, the national park contains several different species of animals such as the Black Bears, Wild Dogs, Leopards, Tigers etc. Neora valley national park is also famous for the several species of birds found here such as Thrush, Finches, Redstarts, Woodpeckers etc.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Situated at a distance of almost 130 km is the North Bengal’s most important railway station, the New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri. Most of the tourists can disembark at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and take a bus from here to Lava. From Lava they can travel towards the Neora Valley National Park on foot as there are no roads inside the park itself.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport situated at a distance of about 140 km. This airport is connected throughout the entire country and internationally as well. Several buses are available from the airport to Lava.
  3. By Bus: Siliguri is the major city in the entire North Bengal and as such it has several buses available that will take a tourist to Lava. Lava is the entry point of the Neora valley national park and as such the tourists have to come to Lava first. From Lava the tourists can walk towards the Neora Valley National Park.

Things to see and do in Neora Valley National Park

Lava serves as the entry point to the Neora valley national park. Just at the entry point to the Neora Valley National Park there is a nature interpretation centre which details the different wildlife and floras and faunas in the National Park. Near the entry point there is also a Buddhist monastery where the pilgrims visit to pay their respect to the lord Buddha.

See the Various Flora and Fauna: The Neora valley national park has a great variety of flora and fauna. There are several endangered species of flora as well as fauna in this National Park. Some of the endangered fauna include but are not limited to the following species – the clouded leopard, the red panda, musk deer, black bears etc. There are also several other species of mammals here such as – the sloth bear, wild boars, wild dogs, giant leopards, barking deers and sambars. Trees such as pine, sal, teak and several other trees are found in the Neora valley national park.

Birding in Neora Valley: Neora valley national park is also rich in birdlife. Several species of birds such as the vulture, thrushes, hornbills are found in Neora valley. Several species of migratory birds come here each season and for that reason, this place is very popular for bird enthusiasts.

See the reptilian species in Neora valley: Neora valley is also filled with several species of reptiles such as the King cobras, pit vipers, pythons, blind snakes, rattlesnakes etc. They can be found and viewed in the Neora valley amidst their natural habitat.

Visit the Nature Interpretation Centre: The Nature interpretation centre is situated at the gateway to Neora valley and has a dearth of information about the flora and fauna in Neora valley. The nature interpretation centre also contains pictures and detailed description on the several species of mammals and reptiles found in Neora valley.

Visit the Buddhist Monastery: Just before the Neora valley begins, there is a Buddhist monastery. Here the local people following the Buddhist religion come to offer their prayers to the lord Buddha. It is a nice and relaxing place should the tourists visit it.

Accommodations in Neora Valley National Park

In itself, there is no accommodation available in the Neora valley national park. However, the surrounding towns of Lava and Samsing cater to the accommodation requirements for the tourists coming to the National Park. However due to the rush of tourists, confirmation must be booked in advance during the April to May period and during the October to November period.


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