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Pedong is a small village and hill station surrounded by pine trees situated in the Kalimpong sub-division near the Indo-Sikkim border. Pedong is situated just off the road going towards Lava from Kalimpong. It has an elevation of approximately 4500 feet which ensures magnificent views of the surrounding hills. It is a great place to rest in peace and tranquillity for a few days out of the busy lifestyle of the city.

Getting Here

To get here, you can take one of the following alternatives given below:

  1. By Train: The NJP Railway Station in Siliguri connects the city to several cities across India. If you are journeying from Kolkata, then get in the Darjeeling mail which arrives at 10:00 pm in Kolkata. Once you reach NJP Station, take a taxi ride to Pedong as described below.
  2. By Jeep/Taxi: From Siliguri, Kalimpong is situated at a distance of 70 km which takes two hours to reach from Siliguri. From Kalimpong, you will have to first reach Alagarh situated 16 km apart. As soon as you reach Alagarh, a left turn and a 5 km drive will bring you to Pedong.
  3. By Plane: Bagdogra airport located at Siliguri is has several planes available offered by many airlines. Some of them are:

Air India and Jet Airways has flights from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata to Bagdogra available, Go Air has daily flights to and from Delhi and Spice Jet operates flights from Kolkata and Delhi.

Once you reach Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi ride as described above.

Things to see in Pedong

Damsanggudi Fort: The Damsanggudi fort is a located at a distance of 8 km from Pedong. It was created by the Lepchas to defend their territory and has stood trial to the long and bloody war waged between the Lepchas and the Bhutias. Although the fort is in ruins and is almost destroyed, still this place offers fantastic views of the surrounding hills.

Sangchhen Gompa: In the year of 1706 this monastery was built by the Bhutanese priests. The antiques and valuables belonging to the Damsanggudi fort were transferred here when the fort was destroyed. During the Raninavami festival the Chaam dance is performed and Bhutanese pilgrims and tourists visit this site even today.

Things to do in Pedong

Go Adventuring: On the road side, a local youth has opened an adventure facility where you can try your hand at rock climbing, mountain biking or archery for a nominal entrance fee. It is a great way to pass one’s time.

Take a hike to Sillery Gaon: Sillery Gaon is a relatively new tourist destintion set atop the hill and is about an hour’s hike uphill. It offers breath-taking views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and many other mountain ranges of the area.

Take a hike to Tinchuley: A short hike from Pedong will take you up to where the three ridges meet which is also referred as Tinchuley by the locals. It offers the closest view of Jelepla Pass, Nathula Pass and Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Take a hike to Rishi: Located at 15 km distance from Pedong is the Bengal-Sikkim border city of Rishi. You have to cross the Rishikhola River to reach the Rishi check post. Once inside Rishi, you can roam around or even stay here I the many basic accommodations offered in this city.

Accommodations in Pedong

Many accommodations are available in Pedong to stay. Almost all of the accommodations offer the basic amenities to the tourists. Tourists can also stay in accommodations offered in Rishi, Sillery Gaon or Lava, which are just a few kilometres near Pedong.


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