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Samsing is set amongst some of the best tea gardens of Dooars. Blessed with undulating natural beauty, several streams, forests and tea gardens come together to form this beautiful countryside. Samsing is set in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range where the Neora valley forests meet the plain and from where the Murti river flows into the rest of the Dooars.

Getting Here

  1. By Train: Situated at a distance of almost 80 km from Chalsa is the North Bengal’s most important railway station, the New Jalpaiguri Railway station in Siliguri. Most of the tourists can disembark at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and take a bus from here to Chalsa. From Chalsa they can travel towards Samsing on bus.
  2. By Air: The Bagdogra airport in Siliguri town is the nearest airport situated at a distance of about 90 km. This airport is connected throughout the entire country and internationally as well. Several buses are available from the airport to Chalsa.
  3. By Bus: Siliguri is the major city in the entire North Bengal and as such it has several buses available that will take a tourist to Chalsa. From Chalsa, it is a picturesque route to Samsing going through several tea gardens and lush green forests on either side of the road.

Things to do in Samsing

Samsing while being a little bit of an offbeat tourist location, is still famous for many reasons. First and foremost reason is the birding spots in Samsing. Several species of rare and migratory birds can be seen in Samsing. Samsing is also surrounded by beautiful tea gardens. Also there is a picnic spot on the banks of the Suntalekhola river. The sound of the ever flowing water is also great to hear and it works miracles for bringing peace of mind.

Go birding in Samsing: Samsing is a popular birding spot. Several species of rare birds can be seen here. During specific seasons, many species of migratory birds also arrive in Samsing. Due to it being  a popular birding spot, it is all too common to see scores of tourists with binoculars with them. Some of the species of birds found here are –  Nightjar, Orange bellied Leaf bird, Maroon Oriole, Grey chinned Minivets,  Short billed Minivets, Drongo, Slaty-backed Forktail, Sultan Tit, Ashy Bulbul,  Warblers, Greater thrush etc.

Visit Suntalekhola: Suntalekhola is a popular tourist spot in the entirety of Dooars region. Suntalekhola is originaly a trekking route originating from Samsing. Filled with conifer trees and the everlasting beauty of the mountain streams, Suntalekhola is a true place of beauty that can be felt in the heart itself. Suntalekhola also has a trekking route that goes through thick forests via Alubari, Pankasari ridge and ends at Lava after a three day trek.

Visit the Rocky Island: Located at a distance of 2km is the eco resort of Rocky Island on the banks of the flowing Murti river. Spending time at the resort by the riverside gives one an experience of being one with the nature at its best.

Visit the Neora Valley National Forests: Samsing serves as a gateway to the Neora Valley National Forests and as such it is highly recommended to take a tour to the Neora Valley National Forests at least once while staying in Samsing. The deep forests of Neora Valley plus the different species of wildlife and flora make a visit to the Neora Valley to be etched in the memory of the tourists.

Accommodations in Samsing

Many small and medium governmental and private lodges are available in Samsing. They offer several amenities to the tourist such as room service hot waters etc.


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