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"Sheroes, Agra’s second Charm"


Tajmahal, The wonder of Lover’s Love has been shown through this beautiful sculpture of ancient time. Its a saying that Shah-Jahan has dedicated this sculpture of Love to show his unlimited love towards Mumtaz and as a tomb of her.But this love has also been encountered in a different manner from a different perspective, but, at Agra, named “Sheroes Hangouts”.

Sheroes Hangout is an implantation by Stop Acid Attacks campaign that was started by “Chhaya Foundation” in New Delhi in 2013. It began as a rehabilitation programme for the Acid Attack victims in Agra, close to the Taj Mahal. But the cafe has now grown into a campaign to generate awareness about the Acid victims and help them live normal lives.

The Sheroes at the Hangout are the women who have been neglected by the society after the tragic acid attacks upon them. They just didn’t took the attack upon their appearance but also been attacked mercilessly by the society onto their self-esteem. But they didn’t stop, they took the blow and started walking upon the path of becoming true fighter by showing the society that they have the power to walk, work and rise midst the society and by rising the question upon each and every human, “What is the degree of beauty?”

The cafe reflects the new wave of feminism from each section, mainly those which are suppressing women in South-Asian countries. The place provides numerous attraction naming:

  • Reader’s Cafe : A chilling out place where you will get superb beverages with your friends. Also they have superb collection of books, so you don’t have to just sit and eat. You can kill your time with your favorite author also.
  • Activism workshop : It’s a place where the girls will learn about each and every social medium to reach out and can learn computer as well. Most of the victims belongs from uneducated or less educated background so this workshop has given them power to Rise & Shine.
  • Handicrafts & Exhibition Space : Handicraft work of the Sheroes is always on display at the Hangout for sale & the exhibition space provides a place to many others in the country to come exhibit/perform their skills. The idea is to organize gatherings like poetry and book readings, jewelry and other design exhibits to engage Sheroes in a formative activity, while also generating funds to run this space


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