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Surekha Yadav – The first FEMALE train driver


Many Girls/Women mourns about their place in the society. Many of the female population still are at the unknown ventures of their rightful place, the place they deserve. In the modern 21st century, women are backdated, they feel insecure, they somehow feel hopeless. But some women are there, who rise above the pit of Man’s, who proves themselves as the independent soul of an independent country. This article is dedicated to a women of this category – “Surekha Yadav”.

Surekha Yadav / Surekha Shankar Yadav born on 2nd September, 1965, in the house of Sonabai and Ramchandra Bhosale. Her father late Ramchandra Bhosale, was a farmer. Surekha is the eldest of the five children. She has completed her initial schooling from Saint paul Convent High School, Satara. Then, she studied Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the government polytechnic at Karad(in Satara District).

Surekha was interviewed by the RRB(Railway Recruitment Board), Mumbai, in 1987. She first selected and joined the central railway as a trainee assistant driver in 1988, at the Kalyan Training school, where she trained for six months. After that , she became a regular assistant driver at 1989.

Apparently, when she joined the railway as trainee assistant in 1988, she not only became the first female Indian train driver, but also she became the first female Asian train driver. After that She married Shankar Yadav in 1990, who is a police Inspector in the Government of Maharashtra. She drove the first “Ladies Special” local train for Central Railways when it was first introduced in the metro cities by Mamata Banerjee (the then Railway Minster) in April 2000. She also became the first Asian train driver to drive the “Deccan Queen” from Pune to CST  on 8 March 2011.

Achieving so much in every aspect of Life, Surekha also received plenty awards also, namely some of them are:

  • Jijau puraskar (Year : 1998)
  • Women achievers award (Year : 2001) (by lions)
  • Rashtriya mahila aayog, delhi (Year : 2001)
  • Lokmat sakhi manch (Year : 2002)
  • S.B.I. Platinum jubilee year celebrations (Year : 2003-2004)
  • Sahyadri hirkani award (Year : 2004)
  • Prerna puraskar (Year : 2005)
  • G.M.award (Year : 2011)
  • Woman achievers award (Year : 2011) (by central railway)
  • RWCC Best Women award of year 2013, for first lady locopilot on Indian Railways on date 5 April 2013

The lady herself, created a milestone in the women’s history. Where some women are still struggling for their valuable place in the society, this lady had made a place for her own-self. The generation can take a lesson from her hardships that If you have the courage to dream big, then also you have the ability to make the dream come true.


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