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The Biggest Durga idol's height Revealed


“The City of Joy”- as it has known for decades, KOLKATA, has been on the news for past few months due to The well known cement company’s daring step of creating world’s biggest & tallest Durga Idol. Deshapriya Park and Star Cement is doing Durga Puja together this year and trying their best to make it a grand success. The Maa Durga Idol is being executed under the authority of idol-maker Mintu Pal of Kumartuli, North Kolkata district. But this isn’t the big news. The Cement Manufacturing Company Limited[CMCL] has given everyone a chance to win various things upon just a small guess, “How Big is the World’s Biggest Durga Idol?”

This question has been on the top since it has asked because of the prizes that has been declared for the winners. The prizes are like this:

  • First prize : All expenses paid including airlines trip for 2 person to Kolkata to see the World’s largest Durga Idol.(20 person)**
  • 2nd Prize : Tablets(50 person)
  • 3rd Prize : Smartphones(75 person)
  • 4th Prize : 20gm silver coins(200 person)
  • Consolation Prizes : VIP passes
  • Special Prizes for of Kolkata City residents : 4 prizes of Rs. 50,000/- cash

But the question has been on it’s same place since the beginning,”How Big?” They have revealed the height of Durga Maa’s Face, which is 12 feet. So let’s do some maths to solve this tough question, Science says,”The Body size of something is 8 times of the face size”. As Maa Durga’s face size is 12 feet. Then the body size should be 12*8=96 feet.

So, that means the Durga maa’s idol should be 96+12=108 feet(as per calculation). Though it’s not been revealed and science might lack from spirituality, so there are plenty of speculations on Durga Maa’s height. But as theory works it is finite. So, wait no more! participate to win the prizes. Hurry! To participate, call at 180034534500 or whatsapp to 8100345345 or sms <STARDP> to 56070 or post on Star Cement facebook contest post. Who knows, You might be the lucky one.

**The expenses that will be covered are airlines fare to and from Kolkata for 2 people, 3 days hotel rent for 1 double occupancy room at a hotel chosen by Cement Manufacturing Company Limited, rented car for sightseeing. Arrangements would be made and paid for by Cement Manufacturing Company Limited at their discretion. Requests for changes in any arrangements will not be done. No expenses or facilities other than those mentioned will be paid for by Cement Manufacturing Company Limited.


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