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The word Tinchuley has a meaning of three chullas or three ovens. It is located near Darjeeling and was relatively unknown until recent years. In the recent years, the local residents of this area have taken up the initiative to develop community tourism and to establish their village as a model village. Their efforts attracted the attention of the WWF who declared it as a model village. The local residents have also taken up several projects such as floriculture, horticulture and organic farming with the help and assistance of the WWF.

Getting Here

To get here, you can take one of the following alternatives given below:

  1. By Train: The NJP Railway Station in Siliguri connects the city to several cities across India. If you are journeying from Kolkata, then get in the Darjeeling mail which arrives at 10:00 pm in Kolkata. Once you reach NJP Station, take a taxi ride to Tinchuley as described below.
  2. By Jeep/Taxi: From Siliguri, follow the Sikkim – Bengal national highway up to Rambhi Bazar. From here, a small road to the left will lead you through the Teesta valley and Rangli tea gardens directly to Takdah. From Takdah it is a few kilometres drive to Tinchuley. Or if you are in Darjeeling, then you can take the Peshok road which goes through Ghoom until you reach the 6th mile, a roadside village. From here a right turn and a drive of 7 to 8 km will bring you to Takdah. After reaching Takdah, a few more kilometres ahead is Tinchuley. Or if you are starting in Kalimpong, then you may take the Peshok road up to 6th mile and take an alternate route travelling through Teesta Bazar which goes through Bara Mangwa to Tinchuley. This road is quite steep and it is generally not recommended to travel through this route.
  3. By Plane: Bagdogra airport located at Siliguri is has several planes available offered by many airlines. Some of them are:

Air India and Jet Airways has flights from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata to Bagdogra available, Go Air has daily flights to and from Delhi and Spice Jet operates flights from Kolkata and Delhi.

Once you reach Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi ride as described above.

Things to see in Tinchuley

The Pristine Natural Beauty: The small village of Tinchuley is not situated on any main road or high ways and as such is a great place to take a leisurely stroll to take in the rejuvenating flora and fauna that this place has to offer without being bombarded by annoying horns of impatient car owners.

Tinchuley Sunrise Point: The Tinchuley sunrise point provides exotic views of all the neighbouring areas during sunrise. The major places of Teesta valley, Kalimpong, Namchi and the Himalayan mountain range is visible from here.

Tinchuley Monastery: The Tinchuley monastery is highly revered by the locals. It is a great place to find some peace and quiet, and the tranquil environment is bound to make you happier once you come here.


Things to do in Tinchuley

Visit Chota Mangwa: Chota Mangwa is an offbeat tourist destination situated at just 2km distance from Tinchuley. It is a nice and picturesque place to visit.

Visit Takdah: Once upon a time, Takdah was a renowned British plantation and cantonment. Now it is a tourist destination which is filled with cinchona plantations, tea plantations and the relics of the bygone British era. Many bungalows created by the British can still be seen standing today in here.

The Rangli Rangliot Tea Garden:The Rangli Rangliot tea garden is one of the major attractions in the entire area. It is one of the most picturesque and beautiful tea gardens in the entire Darjeeling region and is situated at just 6km distance from Tinchuley.

Accommodations in Tinchuley

Many standard hotels and restaurants are available in Tinchuley to stay. Mostly they are budget or small sized hotels.


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